Grey Cloud Island Township holds regular meetings to conduct business. This includes town board meetings, planning commission meetings, specialty committee meetings and annual meetings. Unless specifically noted, meetings are open to all community members. 


The purpose of a town board meeting is to give citizens the opportunity to voice concerns or hold discussion on topics that effect the township and residents. It also serves as a forum for township supervisors to vote on the proposed business items on the agenda, hear the concerns of the residents, discuss topics that could affect the township and review the township finances. Monthly town board meetings are recorded and can be found on the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission website, SWCTC.ORG.


The purpose of a planning commission meeting is to discuss topics that effect the township and residents in regards to building regulations, land use, ordinance and township policies.  Many items are reviewed by the planning commission prior to being heard at a public town board meeting. The planning commission often makes recommendations on the approval of permits and ordinance to the town board. 


The purpose of a town hall committee meeting is to research and discuss the options for building a new town hall. This includes researching cost, land options, building necessities and more. 

Meeting Dates

See event calendar for details on meetings and times. 

Grey Cloud Island Township is a township in Washington County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 301 at the 2017 census. The township formerly included all of Lower Grey Cloud Island but that area has been annexed by the neighboring city of Cottage Grove. Since then the township has been made up of Upper Grey Cloud Island, an area to the north bounded by Grey Cloud Trail and Geneva Avenue, and a small piece of Lower Grey Cloud Island.


9910 Grey Cloud Island Drive

Grey Cloud Island, MN 55071


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