Grey Cloud Island Township elects our town board, clerk and treasurer. The following is a list of the currently seated officials and other contacts. 


Richard (Dick) Polta, Supervisor









Scott Leick, Treasurer


Pam Glubka

Silvia Vaccaro

Caleb White

Patty Bestler







Al Shetka

Dick Adams




Weed Inspector

Tom Bell, 651-459-4150

Code Enforcement Officer
contact the Clerk


Halloween Party Coordinator
Dick Adams

Building Inspector
Cottage Grove Building Division, 651-458-2804


Township Attorney

David Snyder

Johnson and Turner

Website Coordinator

Cheryl McColley, 651-459-6236


Planning / Engineering

SHC Consulting, LLC

Town Board of Supervisors


Paul Schoenecker, Chairman                                            

Dan Ohmann, Supervisor                               


Township Officials

Cheryl McColley, Town Clerk
PO Box 4
Saint Paul Park, MN 55071


Planning Commission


Clif Rodahl, Chair                                                        
651-459-3413, Chair                                                      

Ryan Sorge                                                            


Paul Dieffenbach

Anna Nelson


South Washington County Telecommunication Commission
Paul Dieffenbach, 651-226-8915
Dan Ohmann, Elected Official
Jerry Taube, Alternate


Cemetery Commission
Patty Bestler, Chair, Research & Record Keeping

Town Clerk, Maintenance, 651-459-6236

Town Hall Committee

Clif Rodahl, co-chair,  651-459-3413   

Paul Schoenecker, co-chair                                        

Dick Adams                                                                                   Eduardo Valencia                                                

Pam Glubka     

Malia Leick         


Communications Committee

Paul Schoenecker

Cheryl McColley       

Eduardo Valencia

Pam Glubka                                          

Road Committee                                                          

Paul Schoenecker, 651-315-3351                                 

Road Boss                                                                        
Willie Petersen, 651-238-0018                                      


Animal Control Officer                                                
651-459-9785  ext. 108


Official Newspaper                                                       
Pioneer Press


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At this time we do not have a staffed number to contact. Please use email to submit your questions. 

9910 Grey Cloud Island Dr S,

St Paul Park, MN 55071, USA