The first burials, from 1873, were from early French Canadian families who first settled the island -- Bourcier, Brunell, LaBathe, Leith, Mavis, McCoy and Turpin. The John Stringer family donated the first land for the cemetery in 1894. 

                                                                 -Washington County Historical Society, 2001

For a list of burials in the Grey Cloud Island Township Cemetery, click here


Please be aware that the Grey Cloud Island Township Cemetery is a private cemetery and not open to the public. Access to the cemetery is restricted and enforced by the local police. Contrary to urban legends, there is no paranormal activity in the Grey Cloud Island Township Cemetery. Grey Cloud Island township is a small and beautiful area and we ask that you are respectful to the land, residents and our community. We also request that you respect our residents and community by refraining from trespassing on private property or dumping your refuse in our community. 

Grey Cloud Island Township is a township in Washington County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 301 at the 2017 census. The township formerly included all of Lower Grey Cloud Island but that area has been annexed by the neighboring city of Cottage Grove. Since then the township has been made up of Upper Grey Cloud Island, an area to the north bounded by Grey Cloud Trail and Geneva Avenue, and a small piece of Lower Grey Cloud Island.


9910 Grey Cloud Island Drive

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